The integrity of your construction site affects the entire outcome of your project. Alta Earth Works is an expert at handling all phases of construction site work; from excavation and erosion control to building pads and foundations. Alta Earth Works looks forward to earning your trust and working toward common goals while always keeping safety, budget, and efficiency along with environmental concerns at the forefront of all operations. Here are just a few of the services we offer.

Excavation Layout

Alta Earth Works has a Robotic Total Station in there equipment fleet for quick and accurate layouts. While on site we help determine elevations and proper grade and house positioning. So drop the tapes and call Alta Earth Works

Foundation Excavation

After laying out your building pad, our crews mobilize on site to move dirt and prep the site for following trades.

Site Clearing and Grading

Alta Earth Works has the equipment and attachments to clear your site of any trees or stumps and to properly grade the site to natural contours.

Utility Installation

Alta Earth Works is capable of installing or repairing any of your residential utilities.


Need a structure taken down and removed quickly and safely, we have the equipment for the job.

Concrete Construction

Not only do we have the experience and equipment to prep a site for a foundation or building pad, Alta Earth Works has the equipment and personnel to complete the structural concrete scope as well. Your one stop shop for all your needs.

Snow Removal

Are you a business that doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with clearing your parking lot or are you even a homeowner who wants the snow removed from your driveway? Either way, Alta Earth Works has the equipment to take care of you.